Recent RT Failure Mumbai Airport!!

Recent RT Failure Mumbai Airport!!

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  • AI pilot admits he had no instructions to land:

    The Air India pilot who landed his plane at Mumbai airport without permission from air traffic control (ATC) on April 12 could have caused a huge disaster, documents available with Mumbai Mirror reveal.

    In his flight safety report, Captain R S Otaal writes that he continued his approach even though the runway wasnt empty and he did not have instructions to land. In both these situations, pilots are supposed to go around (circle) and await landing instructions from ATC.

    In his report, available with Mumbai Mirror, Captain Otaal, who was operating Air India flight 944 from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai, categorically states that he continued the approach despite receiving no instructions.

    During the final approach but we could not establish clear two-way communication. Loss-of-communication procedure was followed and we continued our approach.
  • If he was on his right ETA (exact) as per flight plan . and there was comm. failure and on visual VFR on DH he find runway clear . he might have done right procedure , diverting or holding may increase fuel consumption and could limit his choise . probably comm fail was from A/C
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