CPL Conversion Problem?

CPL Conversion Problem?

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  • Hey friends i am in a problem and i need some serious help.
    i did my cpl in usa without instrument rating ( i just did instrument hours in usa and did instrument checks in india), i did all my recency in india as well.

    now dgca has rejected my indian licence request because my usa cpl has a limitation that i cannot carry passengers more than 50NM for hire. ( they put this limitation coz i had no instrument rating in usa)…

    please help me out friends, are there any guys who got their usa cpl and did instrument rating in india ?

    thnx a lottt dear aviators.
  • While I believe you should argue your case with the highest echelons of the DGCA including the Director General himself , the best thing to do would be to get an FAA IR and get this limitation removed . Is there any particular reason you did not get an IR rating on the FAA license ?
  • One of the suggestions I got was to issue indian cpl without IR , THEN start required flying for IR issue on ur perticular A/C IT will take time , others may help u out better
  • All they are saying is they can not convert a limited license to indian license.
  • Hmmm……You might need to try and talk to the Director general himself then . Tell him that nowhere in the Indian rules does it state if your foreign license has a limitation it cannot be converted to an Indian one.
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