CPL Exam Application Doubt

CPL Exam Application Doubt

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  • i would be giving my c-172 r exam in this july session.i was filling up my details in udaan but got confused in two things.

    1) what should i enter in technical category :-
    a- CPLT
    b- SCPLT

    2) What should i enter in indian licence details? as i have done only cpl from australia and now currently flying in india to do rest of the flying including IR.I have spl and FRTOL, RTR P as indian documents.so what should i enter in the following caegories:-

    a)indian licence category
    b)indian licence number
    c)indian licence validity
  • u flew a c152 rtie… !!?? u can do ur recency on a c152 and get that on your indian licence…. this way ull save ur self from time taking process of an extra examination… agar c172 hi chahiye toh alag baat hai…. then u can give the exam… in that case the answer to your above questions is 1.)CPLT 2.) u can get a SPL from any of the flying clubs here and fill in the details or u can leave them blank (if that works, as all these details were not required before)….
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