Frauds Out There Trying To Trap You!

Frauds Out There Trying To Trap You!

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  • Iíve paid 20000USD to Abraham Dieter Benz. HeĎs got a Ąprogramď, taking place in Nairobi, Kenya. The 20k are supposed to be for a HS-748 type rating. The program contains a 2-years-employment contract with monthly salary.
    I found the program via pilot cockpit jobs (PCJ) association based in Malta, I applied, got the job. There have been 7 pilots, now there are 5 left.
    So, in March I received the signed contract and was stupid enough to pay 20000USD upfront.
    I arrived in Nairobi on the 2nd of April. First thing to do in Kenya is the conversion which really can be a pain in the ass. But, in April Abraham has told us that we merely have to do a validation. Two weeks later it was a conversion. Difference Is that the validation contains 3 subjects for the written exam, the conversion 14 subjects. At this time we were led to believe to do only 7 subjects. No one mentioned 14 subjects.
    Okay, the conversion course really has taken place, but we were only taught 7 subjects. The ground instructor Maurice could easily be replaced by a monkey. This guy didnít know anything about aviation. He didnít know if a propeller creates thrust, he never heard about RVSM, QNH etc.
    So we finished the course. Then weíve learned that we would need a student visa for the written exam.
    That was then the point where I got curious, so I started to contact pilots who have already completed the conversion. No one mentioned a student visa and that was the first time I heard about all 14 JAA subjects for the written exam.
    I told that Abraham but he didnít believe me. So heís told us to apply for the student visa and register with KCAA for the written exam will take roughly 3 weeks. So I asked about whether I can fly back to Germany, because thereís nothing to do. We had the question bank for 7 subjects; he told us there are only 7 subjects at KCAA, so everythingís good.
    Then back in Germany, I heard that our contract of the apartment was cancelled, to save money.
    I still have some stuff down there, donít know where it is.
    Furthermore I was told that the exam will take place on the 18th of July. First it was beginning of May, then 10th of June, then 18th of July.
    Okay, that was then the point for me to say stop. Now Abraham knows as well that at KCAA there are 14 subjects. Thatís not the problem, but we have no idea what to expect. Thing is, in the contract is written that the first attempt will be paid by the company, second attempt must be paid by the pilot, if then the third attempt is also unsuccessful thereís no way of getting the money back. So thatís way too risky.
    I should mention that thereíve been so many other problems. With the aircraft, one day heíll buy this Fokker, next day heíll lease this Hawker and so on, everyday a new story.
    4 weeks ago I talked to Abraham on the phone, if this program will have future. He told me, yea, I am not sure but I have a backup plan. If the program is going to fail, youíll fly for another African company. I thought heís joking, but was serious. So, I asked him about the money. Is it possible to refund me? Of course, no problem, but if you hand in your notice there will be no way back. I told him okay, thatís fine. I just want my money back. So, yesterday I got a letter from his lawyer stating he wonít refund me
    Heís saying that my notice to resign didnít comply with a clause in the contract.
    But, in the contract is written that as we arrive in Nairobi we immediately can move into the crew apartments (they are being paid by the company). That wasnít the case, so I had to spend 3 nights in a Hostel. He failed to fulfill the contract so many times, it is outrageous what he is doing now.
    By the way, I am not the only one.
    But the story goes on; the company is called Cargo2Fly and is supposed to operate out of Jomo Kenyatta airport.
    At the time being one colleague doesnít have the required minimum flight hours to receive the Kenyan license. So, Abraham has agreed to log the missing flight hours without actual flying. The colleague is of course not willing to do so.
    Abraham has told us that he has bribed one KCAA examiner to be neutral at the exam.

    This post is to inform anyone about Abraham Dieter Benz / Cargo2Fly / PCJ Association.
    Please, stay away. Donít waste our money on him. I think it will be a hard fight to get my money back, but Iíll try.

    Thank you.
  • and please share it in our FTO, ask flying magazines if they are interested in this story, if anyone is interestes publishing this story just contact me.. Ive learnd that there are more guys who transfered money to Abraham Dieter Benz but didnt receive anything in return.
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