Cessna -172 Questions

Cessna -172 Questions

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  • c-172 r questions:
    1)In the event of alternate static vent open,ASI will give an error of 4 knts and altimeter error will be +_30 in closed window condition. the poh of c-172r says 6 knts and +_50.and every sample paper in sky drive says 4 and 30.
    which figures are coorect?

    2)bottom edge of the fuel filler tab means 17.5 gallons usable in each tank or unusable in each tank?

    3)an open alternate door will result in 10% loss of power at full throttle.is it door or something else?

    4)OAT / voltmeter guage select switch may be tested by putting the select button down for 3 sec or 30 secs to start?

    5)voltage<24.5 volts ,red annuciation volts will flash for approx 10sec or 5 secs before becoming steady?
  • 1) its 4 nd 30 for DGCA tech specific
    2) usable in each tank
    3) its alernate static door
    4) for 03 seconds
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