Documents For Post Lasik Medical Assessment

Documents For Post Lasik Medical Assessment

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  • What are the documents and medical reports to be carried along for post-Lasik medical assessment at AFCME/IAM ?
  • Got my LASIK done in 2006. Every medical after the procedure will be conducted in either CME or IAM. no other documents to be taken except the ones given to you post the surgery. In case youre flying, a week off is enough for the LASIK and recovery.
  • Go to AFCME exactly after 6 months post lasik, take all the documents you have which relates to your lasik (pre and post) both to be on a safer sight. After CME gives u a green light, submit the docs in DGCA, and you are good to roll again!!! All the best.
  • For people who are willing to undergo lasik, can go ahead with it as now a days it is extremely safe and the machines involved in the surgery are highly advanced, Just inform DGCA pre and post lasik, so that they dont create any hassle. People who are employed or active flyers would face a bit problem as u cannot take off for exactly 6 months post lasik. There are certain requirements which a particular has to fulfill before the doctor says OK for the surgery, like, the tthickness of the cornea, the muscle power etc. So, take your own sweet time, do a bit research, and then go for it.
  • 1- Go to a LASIK doctor and get your eyes checked, get his expert suggestions and find out how suitable are your eyes for the process. There are different types of LASIK and not everybody is fit for LASIK.
    2- Undergo LASIK.
    3- Inform DGCA that you have carried out LASIK, and request for a NOC to carry out post-LASIK assessment at IAM, AFCME or MEC after the mandatory six months.
    4- clear the medicals after six months and you are good to go.

    Yes, you do start feeling comfortable in about seven days. So you mean to say we only need to carry the documents, prescriptions etc given to us by the LASIK doctor. I have heard that we also need to carry out one or two tests in any civilian hospital of our choice and take those reports to IAM or AFCME when we go for post-LASIK assessment. If it is so, can you please tell me what are those tests.

    Thank you everybody.
  • yes, even i read a lot of documents, but couldnt find it. But there is a lot of difference between civil and military standards, can give u examples regarding lasik only. So, there are many cases, in which a candidate is fit for commercial flying where as the same is unfit for Military flying. m a bit confused regarding this!!
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