Flying School In USA

Flying School In USA

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  • recommend flying school anywhere in USA for Multi engine rating on Piper Seneca(PA-34) or Cessna 310(C-310)……………..
  • FOR seneca - Dean international !! cheapest for seneca training !
  • no. of multi available and servicable in our country is a joke.

    most major training airports in canada and us (can only speak for these from experience) have more multis available to fly than our entire countrys flight schools.
    i trained at CZBB, canada. 5 seneccas, 3 duchess, 1 da42, 1 king air.
    even if u dont count duchess, there are not 5 servicable senecca available in all of india today for training purpose. while thos at czbb were never down and were being flown day in day out.

    learning to fly a multi engined plane is an essential skill that is totally neglected in our country.
  • Dean International, Miami….They have two senecas leased/purchased last year. One of them is N111PH and I dont exactly remember the other one. They do have seminoles, total three in numbers.
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