Breaking News Blue Bird Academy Canada

Breaking News Blue Bird Academy Canada

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  • *Breaking News* Just got some serious negative news about Blue Bird Flight Academy, Canada. i was not shocked to hear it. i am in touch with Transport Canada inspector ( have emailed her ), will update you once she emails me back.
    Suggestion( only a suggestion coz some people think i have a motive out of this post- i dont give a damn to u guys), suggestion to all the hard working guys and girls- dont select a school blindly, dont trust people blindly ( including me ). do a complete research from your side, do your homework before selecting a school good luck

    Happy Landings
  • ask the same question to bbfa, why r they after students and their money? why cant they be honest and true? why is transport canada against them ? why did they move recently to british columbia ? why are they strill trying to trap more and more students ?

    why cant just they work hard and earn true money ?

    good luck bro good luck
  • Real Truth abt Blue Bird Aviation In Canada:BB didnt had a PCTIA approval which is required to train local students,not required to train indian students,if payment is made in India(BB office at delhi),then govt,is not liable to pay,if school shuts down,its a kinda a protection for Canadian citizens,in the event of closure of school,then PCTIU ensures tat their fees is refunded.Now BB was running fine without a PCTIA approval but they thought to train locals as well & applied for a PCTIA approval,which has certain conditions,which were not met & PCTIA had given them time to rectify the short comings,like DGCA was given time by ICAO before the audit,current status is,BB has after fulling the requirements as per them,has submitted an application to PCTIA& decision to grant approval to BB is PENDING,if PCTIA approves it,then there is no issue.IF PCTIA doesnt approve it,then we have a problem & there is no point only giving PPL & hours building traning at BB. This is true that career training at BB is on hold currently & only PPL,hours building is still going at BB,at this very moment at BB as well. Hope this helps.cheers.
  • What is d definition of school running fine ? If imparting only PPL training & hour building is running fine,then yes,its running awesome,if imparting CPL training is d definition of running fine,then BB is not running fine & u all are miss leading people here.please go thru a long comment I have written before,hope it clears all the misconception,i have nothing more to say.
  • you are right ki lots of schools are there, I dont know why people all the time talking regarding Blue Bird only but one thing I am confirmed that it must be one of the renowned and and very famous school . I agree with you that people must stop these useless comment and let whosoever interested for CPL training decide themselves instead of misguiding them.
  • Regarding Blue Bird we know everything through breaking news bcoz it is most popular school and no one is interested to go other school so no one is interested to provide breaking news about it lol.
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